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indian food required
Posted By:   Kalyan Vutukuri on Date : 2011-02-09 | Topic Viewed : 1348 Times
Anyone who can provide indian food (preferably south indian) to us in peoria. I can have twice a week.If so please respond with prices

Reply By: jyothi kottapalli on DATE : 2012-10-15
Hi, how are you? i hope all is well with you..i am preparing south indian food for my husband and kid..i will prepare for you also... like morning 8idly's, curry and sambar ..afternoon rice, dal, rasam ,curry, curd, papad, pickle for .i have both veg and non-veg and roti's for  iths curry and evening puri or roti and 4idly with samber or palak pula papu , curry and4 roti for  and night rice ,dal, rasam, curry and roti's ...if u like you can ring me on 309-660-0784 or mail me ..very.very less amount...

Reply By: shailaja pottu on DATE : 2011-04-18
wat kind of indian food?mail to my id

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